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As the world is one Global Village,  Supply Value Chain Joint-Ventures are part of the business environs thus we are agents for a couple of South African manufacturing firms and we supply their products on a general scale, that are both SABS and ISO certified. Our product range includes the following:-

  • Processed Agro Products
  • Uniforms and Protective Clothing
  • Electrical and Lighting Equipment
  • Office Stationery
  • Computer Equipment and Accessories
  • Industrial Pumps and Compressors
  • Industrial Gate Valves
  • Industrial Bearings
  • Industrial Chemicals
  • Industrial Cleaning Equipment and Materials
  • Industrial Rubber Products
  • PVC Products
  • Motor Vehicles and Spares Parts
  • Agricultural Inputs and Equipment
  • Tiles (Ceramic, Porcelain, Granite, Terrazzo etc).
  • Building Materials
  • Solar Products

Commodities (Trading)

  • Cereals
  • Tubers
  • Animals
  • Fish

Installation and Back-Up Solutions

We do both install and offer back-up assistance to our clients once we supply them with any type of equipment as well as do routine maintenance as per their request. Also we supply the necessary spares for the various equipment we supply.


For more information contact us at [email protected]

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